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IT Outsourcing

The intense competitive situation emerging in business life increasingly points out how essential a properly built and operated IT background is for the successful operation of a company.

The most effective implementation of all of these can be achieved by outsourcing the company's IT system, which may also be the best solution for your company.

Intelligent monitoring systems

Nowadays, video surveillance systems are of fundamental importance in business life. With their help, personal and property protection can be achieved, the risk of possible crimes can be reduced, and they greatly contribute to the efficiency of the use of working time.

Based on our experience, after installing a monitoring system, you can expect immediate results and a quick return.

IT Security

Regardless of the size of a business, it can generally be said that the security of information data must be taken care of. Many will tell you, yes, we will take care of it!

This cannot be enough in any case, whether it is a small business with a few computers or a company with hundreds of employees. Information represents wealth and value, which must be protected in the same way as other assets of the company.


If you want to build your network system professionally, on time and cost-effectively, SMART Informatika is the right partner for your company.

With many years of experience, we have designed and built many systems in all segments of the industry, from small office networks with a few endpoints to LAN, WAN, wireless networks with hundreds of endpoints that meet industry standards.


It is 2024, but many websites reflect the conditions of 10-15 years ago and lack modern marketing tools.

An unprofessional appearance can create mistrust in potential customers, thereby hindering profit growth.

In any case, we create a website for you that highlights the advantages of your business and helps your future partners choose you.

Our projects comply with the GDPR and other laws, so you can be calm about your website.

The basic goal of every industry is to produce the perfect product or provide the highest quality service. Why should IT be any different?

With us, the customer is in the first place, who as an IT buyer and IT user expects his needs to be met - quickly, error-free and cost-effectively.

Why choose us?

In expert hands

The high professional training and years of experience of our employees ensure the best solutions for you.

Dedicated contact

You can always talk to the same experienced expert who knows your system and will know the best solution.

You can keep calm

You can be sure that we continuously provide the best quality work, as this is also in our interest.


By selling different hardware and software, we can advise you on what you need for optimal business management.

Let's think more

Before we recommend any solution, we examine your current and future expectations in order to have a timeless IT system.

Flexible approach

We adapt to your needs as much as possible, whether it's about operating the entire system or solving a one-off problem.

Preventive maintenance

We constantly monitor your system, preventing potential errors from occurring.

Service services

We can repair faulty devices with the help of our engineering colleagues, so you don't have to spend money and time on third-party service.

Fast reaction

We contractually guarantee our speed and the quality of our service.

Let's work together for your goals

The number of our experts is constantly increasing so that we can provide you with an even better service.
The number of our completed projects speaks for itself, the success of our partners is also ours.
With so many successful years and experience behind us, we are ready for you too!
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We are always proud of the many positive feedbacks we receive from our customers.

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