We build professional
Online presence
For your business

Creation of a business website optimized for a market segment for individual, small and medium-sized enterprises.

What's wrong with most websites?

It is 2024, but many websites reflect the conditions of 10-15 years ago and lack modern marketing tools.

An unprofessional appearance can create mistrust in potential customers, thereby hindering profit growth.

In any case, we create a website for you that highlights the advantages of your business and helps your future partners choose you.

Our projects comply with the GDPR and other laws, so you can be calm about your website.

Why choose us?

Our goal is to support our clients' businesses as best as possible by creating and/or developing their online presence.

We believe in continuous contact and personal communication. We also know exactly how confusing it is to wait days for an e-mail that is often not written by the person doing the work, but by a contact person of the construction company.

We are proud to keep in touch with our customers personally, so their needs come to us first hand. This greatly speeds up, simplifies and streamlines joint work.

We know that time is the most valuable for you as well as for us, so we always try to solve the tasks with the shortest possible turnaround time.

Opinions of our partners

How can we help your work?

Web design

Based on jointly agreed plans, we plan a professional appearance for your business.​​

Mobile-friendly interface

The web pages we create are designed and optimized for PC / tablet / phone displays to ensure an impeccable appearance.

GDPR Compliance

We provide a privacy- and cookie policy free of charge, and we make all the necessary changes so that your website meets GDPR requirements.

Free education

We always teach our partners how to manage their website taken over from us, to change the content elements found on it, or to edit them.

Speed ​​up website loading speed

Since the majority of visitors do not wait more than 5 seconds for a page to load, this topic is an essential part of our projects.


In the long term, we also carry out the maintenance tasks necessary for the uninterrupted operation of the website, if you require this service.

Chatbot programming

In order to maintain the highest level of customer contact, we can create a chatbot with automatic sequences for you.

Premium tools

For our customers, we provide the market's top-class paid tools free of charge, legally.

Automated email sequences

We create automatic e-mail sequences adapted to the behavior of interested parties in order to increase conversion and sales.

Featured services

Creating the perfect home page

The heart of the website is the home page. If we do not use landing pages, we can almost only address the visitor with this page.

If someone stumbles onto the site, we have a few seconds to get them up and answer the questions they have in mind:

Did you know?

People follow text with illustrations 323% more than text without illustrations.

Website loading speed boost

In today's world, it is extremely important that the website loads quickly, since everyone has several browser windows open, and mobile browsers are not waiting either.

Did you know?

54% of visitors expect a page to load faster than 3 seconds and leave the page if they have to wait more than 5 seconds?

Mobile - friendly user interface

Nowadays, the vast majority of Internet browsing is done from a portable device. For this reason, it is inevitable that a website presents itself perfectly on any screen size.

I always create optimized versions of the websites I design for mobile phones, tablets and notebooks.

Did you know?

51% of Internet browsing is done on a mobile device.

GDPR compatibility

We always prepare our projects to comply with GDPR regulations. Nowadays, data protection has become a topic of utmost importance, so we and our partners comply with the relevant regulations:

Did you know?

People only remember about 10% of the information they read after 3 days. However, if we pair this information with relevant media elements, the recall rate will be roughly 65%.

5 questions to ask
before choosing a contractor

How easy is the communication with the contractor?

Fluent customer communication is a rare and valuable skill in today's world. His role is decisive in the quick and uncomplicated solution of the joint project. Unfortunately, we ourselves have often experienced how confusing it is to wait days for an e-mail to be answered, or to be faced with the fact that the person performing the work "needs to consult with someone else". We are proud of the fact that we can constantly keep in touch with our customers personally via Skype, phone or even e-mail.

What is their most recent projects?

We can often meet a contractor whose portfolio looks brilliant. Yes, but when it comes to execution, the end result will somehow not be like the websites in the portfolio.
This may be due to negligence, or perhaps the fact that one website was created by team X and the other by team Y. The answer is difficult to find, but in any case, it is worth following up on the work of the selected contractor.

Has the contractor already done similar project?

Are the web pages created by the web design company/freelancer close to our own idea?
It is completely understandable that not everyone can work for every market, but you have to pay attention to the qualities of the contractor. We have to ask the question, do their previous works contain tools and functionalities that we need?
Are they using up-to-date tools so that the website will continue to function reliably five years from now?

Are they specialized for Wordpress?

It is important to emphasize: if you request a WordPress website from your partner, you can easily modify it later, so you do not necessarily have to pay a web developer for astronomical hourly wages.
The formula is simple: if you want to buy a Ford car, you don't go to the Suzuki dealership.
WordPress web design requires some specialization, you need to know its limitations and optimal functioning in order to achieve the best possible result based on the client's requests.

Do you trust the contractor's sense of aesthetics?

In web design, the layout, colors, images, graphics and other visual elements are what help convey important information to our customers. With these elements, we are able to influence the way our customers feel on our website.
It is important to use visual elements in proportion to our goals in order to establish a suitable relationship with our ideal customer.
Quick aesthetic tips:
- To communicate information, use a two-column layout, alternating per section. Image on the left - text on the right, then vice versa in the next section. This greatly helps to maintain attention and provides an aesthetic appearance.
- Use headings and subheadings, as well as highlighting in some places, so that the content of the page can be easily scanned. You have to be careful with this, as it is easy to overdo it, as a result of which the design will be confusing. Use a font that fits the profile of our business, and a maximum of 2 types!
- Be careful with images and graphic tools: we mainly use them to highlight important information and present goals/results.

The process of our cooperation

Let's discuss what your idea is.

Building a website is like building a house. It is necessary for both of us to see the desired result in front of us and then discuss what tools we will need for this.

We concrete the components of appearance and functionality.

In this step of the process, we show our partner sample websites that match his ideas. Of course, we welcome samples from them as well.
In this way, we can already outline the specific sub-tasks of the project and see what and how much time we will need for them.
In addition, we welcome the texts and media elements that the customer would definitely like to display on the website, if they can provide them.

Coordination of technical factors outside the desig task.

Reconciliation of the so-called "zero step" factors. Does the customer already have hosting and a domain?
If so, should we create the new website without disrupting the operation of the existing website? Do I need an SSL certificate?


Based on what was agreed in the previous points, we will prepare the first version of the new website, which we will further develop based on our partner's feedback.
In this step, the website will be presented with sample text and stock photos, if you have not already provided them to us.

Building the new website.

After constant negotiations, we reach the state when the project is ready and only the customer's images and text are missing from the page, if they have not yet been forwarded to us.
If we don't have the content yet, we will ask the customer for it at this point and then upload it to their website. After that, we optimize the website for tablets and mobile phones, and then activate it.


In this stage, we implement all the steps that are still left in the development.
For example: we make the page visible to Google, if needed, we help connect the company e-mail account to a Gmail account, we teach the customer how to edit the website, and so on.

Discussing long-term tasks and responsibilities

After the end of the project, we provide special support for our partners for 1 month.
This includes making at least one backup of the complete website with database. In addition, we take care of virus and hacking protection, version updates, and help with any questions related to the website.
Unfortunately, within the framework of this maintenance offer, we are unable to make changes that involve significant development, such as redesigning the layout or creating a new subpage.
Our partners also have the opportunity to enter into an official maintenance agreement, with the help of which we can carry out any subsequent modifications that do not fit within the framework of priority support, even in the long term.

Our public projects


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